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Baseball Road Trip Planner for 2021 is available !

Hopefully, 2021 brings us a return to live baseball and the ability to road trip once again ! The Bases Roaded website to plan your baseball road trip has been  updated to reflect the 2021 schedule and is now available.

Scattered Thoughts on the TSP for a baseball road trip

I have done a number of applications  that have a flavor of the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP). That is, they concern themselves with visiting a number of locations in an efficient manner. None of these applications have ever concerned themselves

Using pgRouting to produce a tour of all MLB stadiums

The Traveling Salesperson Problem (TSP) is a well known problem with many applications. One such application could be visiting all the baseball stadiums in Major League Baseball. These type of trips (or subsets of it) are the passion of many

Longitude and latitudes of MLB stadiums

In another post, I made reference to producing the latitudes and longitudes of all the stadiums in Major League Baseball. I thought I would share that data here.    

Driving distances between all MLB ballparks

In other posts, I had need to determine driving distances between major league baseball ballparks. The link below contains a CSV file containing a distance matrix for such distances. Below is a snippet of the file. There is one line for

Using MySQL to calculate baseball statistics by year of career

In previous analyses of the concept of the career year in baseball, I had occasion to calculate some statistics by year of a player’s career. That is, I wanted to analyze questions like ‘How did a player do in their 4th professional

Looking up IP locations via API

OR….. WHERE ARE THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE PLANNING A BASEBALL ROAD TRIP ? I was doing some homegrown analytics for my baseball road trip planner at I have the IP address of any visit to the site, so I

2016 MLB road trip planning now available at

Looking to take a baseball road trip to a number of ballparks this year but don’t know how to start planning ? I have updated for the 2016 season.  You can search for trips for up to 17 ballparks

The “Career Year” in Major League Baseball

My pal Steve and I have had a long running, lighthearted argument over the concept of the “career year” in baseball. It’s not uncommon to hear someone say “He’s coming off a career year” or “He’s having a career year”.

A JavaScript gotcha – Defining a function in a for loop

No JavaScript programmer am I….but I have picked up bits and pieces as I’ve needed to add functionality to websites I occasionally build. I was recently adding a bit of mapping functionality to my baseball road trip planner. I was