Year: 2016

Creating a GEOJSON Linestring from a polyline

In a previous post, we had set out to take a pair of latitudes and longitudes and eventually create a map of directions between the two points. We had discussed the process of geocoding the locations and using APIs to

Converting two locations into a turn by turn mapping

I have done a number of professional projects where I had the same fairly well defined problem in different domains. The problem boiled down to one of starting with two destinations and programmatically mapping them as part of a larger

My Wisconsin

Being a resident of the Chicago area, I enjoy spending time in our neighboring state of Wisconsin. Especially in summers, I find myself planning and taking a number of road trips to this great state to the north. As I

Looking up IP locations via API

OR….. WHERE ARE THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE PLANNING A BASEBALL ROAD TRIP ? I was doing some homegrown analytics for my baseball road trip planner at I have the IP address of any visit to the site, so I

Jittering a map location for privacy

As I mentioning in a previous post , I had a project that required mapping locations, but I wanted to slightly perturb the locations on the map so as to not reveal any of the actual locations on the map,

My Git workflow for Webfaction, Bitbucket and local development in Django

I’ve posted this mostly for a reminder for myself, but others may find it helpful. I currently develop any websites ideas I have in Django and host them on Webfaction (which I really like). To my everlasting shame as a

Convert a FileMaker database to MySQL without a Mac

A friend of mine studies Chinese medicine and had painstakingly entered a decent amount of data into a FileMaker database on his Mac. He wanted some help deploying to a Web based interface and I agreed to help on the

@QuotesonData Twitter Account

I had the need to develop a small system to automatically post Tweets from a database of content. To illustrate such a system , I have begun a Twitter account named @QuotesonData which tweets well known and some lesser known quotes on

How many degrees are in a Chicago city block

REAL SHORT ANSWER : Like most things in life, it depends. SHORT ANSWER: For a NS street (a street running north-south), there are about .001831 degrees in a standard city block. For an EW street (east-west), there are about .002438 degrees in a

The sum of the first n odd integers

THINGS EVERYONE ELSE KNEW THAT I JUST LEARNED: The sum of the first n odd integers is . I was reading a Hacker News comment thread and ,as in every other one, someone referred to incompetence among programming interviewees, this time