Month: February 2017

A bounding box for the 606 trail

In a previous post, we had discussed investigating crime data around the 606 (Bloomingdale) trail in Chicago. One of the main issues I faced was how to identify crimes that occurred “around” the 606. Each detailed crime record contains information including:

Is Crime Increasing Along the 606 Trail ?

I live near the 606 trail  in the Bucktown neighborhood in Chicago. This urban trail (also known as the Bloomingdale Trail)  is a converted railroad trail that is now used for recreational purposes like walking and biking. I really have

A Divvy tour using a Space Filling Curve

In a couple of previous posts, I reviewed the concept of using space filling curves as a heuristic for producing decent solutions for the traveling salesman problem (TSP). The attraction of this approach to me was the simplicity of implementation.