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Eat Globally, Locally in Chicago – Revisited

A while back, I had undertaken a little project to determine how many country’s restaurants were represented in the Chicagoland area. This was one of the earliest projects I used that leveraged location and GIS information, and I thought I would revisit it

Determining the closest city that you’ve never heard of

I’ve spent the majority of my life in the Chicagoland area. So it came as somewhat of a surprise to me when I recently ran across the name of a city that was less than 30 miles away that I had

Extract Chicago Crime Data from the Open Data Portal Using Python

As part of the investigation in crime around the 606 trail, we pulled the crime data from Chicago’s open data portal. The following is a straight forward sample Python script for pulling a daily extract. Note that the available crime data on

A GIS Buffer for the 606 Trail

In a previous post, I examined creating a bounding box for the 606 trail to enable analysis of surrounding crime.  While this is straight forward and a convenient heuristic to explain what we were doing, notice that it’s not fully

Crimes occuring ON the 606 trail

In a previous post, I gave an overview of a project to investigate the occurrence of crimes near the 606 (Bloomingdale) trail in Chicago. Data for the investigation came from the City of Chicago Open Data Portal, and investigation into

A GEOJSON and KML file for the 606 (Bloomingdale) trail

As part of my explication of the process for investigating crime “around” the 606, I had created a bounding box for the trail and wanted to visually display the trail within the box. I couldn’t find a handy GEOJSON or

A bounding box for the 606 trail

In a previous post, we had discussed investigating crime data around the 606 (Bloomingdale) trail in Chicago. One of the main issues I faced was how to identify crimes that occurred “around” the 606. Each detailed crime record contains information including:

Is Crime Increasing Along the 606 Trail ?

I live near the 606 trail  in the Bucktown neighborhood in Chicago. This urban trail (also known as the Bloomingdale Trail)  is a converted railroad trail that is now used for recreational purposes like walking and biking. I really have

A Divvy tour using a Space Filling Curve

In a couple of previous posts, I reviewed the concept of using space filling curves as a heuristic for producing decent solutions for the traveling salesman problem (TSP). The attraction of this approach to me was the simplicity of implementation.

Converting two locations into a turn by turn mapping

I have done a number of professional projects where I had the same fairly well defined problem in different domains. The problem boiled down to one of starting with two destinations and programmatically mapping them as part of a larger