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See the projects and the lessons learned

I’ve decided to try and catalog some of the side projects I’ve done that I feel can discuss publicly. Some of these were borne from professional projects, while others were just things that struck my curiosity. (Disclaimer: Unless explicitly granted

Naturally occurring GIS – An Oil Stain of Michigan in Algoma, WI

Inspired by this New Jersey shaped sidewalk crack, I found the following oil stain on a street in Algoma, WI. Its not a perfect match (the ”thumb” portion is a bit off) , but awfully close to the shape of

Is the Salesman Traveling or Travelling ?

Whenever I make any sort of reference to the traveling (travelling) salesman problem (TSP), I can never remember the spelling of the adjective. I was particularly vexed when I used the word in the title of one of the sites,