Year: 2015

2016 MLB road trip planning now available at

Looking to take a baseball road trip to a number of ballparks this year but don’t know how to start planning ? I have updated for the 2016 season.  You can search for trips for up to 17 ballparks

The frequency of stopwords in the Brown corpus

As part of a project I was working on, I was computing the frequency of individual stopwords within different collections of words.  (I will write up more specifics of this soon). As I computed these stopword frequencies for one collection of

The “Career Year” in Major League Baseball

My pal Steve and I have had a long running, lighthearted argument over the concept of the “career year” in baseball. It’s not uncommon to hear someone say “He’s coming off a career year” or “He’s having a career year”.

Using the Python requests package to set User Agent for scraping a website

On a not infrequent basis, if I’m unable to obtain data from a website via API, I find myself writing a program to scrape the data from the website (a note to all you Little Leaguers: always abide by the

Using Python to Create a GEOJSON file from a database containing lats and longs

Ofttimes I find myself having some sort of location data stored in a MySQL database and wanting to create a GEOJSON file in order to represent those locations on a map. There are likely utilities to perform this type of

The Traveling Divvyer

Divvy is the bike sharing program in Chicago. Since its implementation a couple of years ago, I had wondered how someone would go about visiting all stations as quickly as possible, and also wondering whether anyone would actually deign to

A JavaScript gotcha – Defining a function in a for loop

No JavaScript programmer am I….but I have picked up bits and pieces as I’ve needed to add functionality to websites I occasionally build. I was recently adding a bit of mapping functionality to my baseball road trip planner. I was

Collecting available employee counts for public companies

I worked on a project where I wanted to find employee counts for companies to use in a Bayesian prior I was using in a model. There are likely numerous places you can buy this sort of data, but I

Filling in empty values in a time series in SAS

In previous posts, I had shown how to insert zeroes in a times series in Python and R. This post shows how to do so in SAS; you can follow the links for Python and R to see more information

Filling in empty values in a time series in R

In this previous post, I had shown how to use Python to fill in zeroes in a time series. I thought I’d use this post to show how to do the same in R. By way of review, I track