Month: March 2017

Collecting U.S. Bicycle Fatality Data from the FARS database

We were looking to investigate bicycle fatalities involving cars, first at a more recent and local level and then eventually at a national and historical level. This post will detail our data collection at the national and historical level. The

Crimes occuring ON the 606 trail

In a previous post, I gave an overview of a project to investigate the occurrence of crimes near the 606 (Bloomingdale) trail in Chicago. Data for the investigation came from the City of Chicago Open Data Portal, and investigation into

A GEOJSON and KML file for the 606 (Bloomingdale) trail

As part of my explication of the process for investigating crime “around” the 606, I had created a bounding box for the trail and wanted to visually display the trail within the box. I couldn’t find a handy GEOJSON or