Year: 2014

Chicago’s tallest buildings by ward

I grew up in a residential neighborhood in Chicago. I recently heard someone referring to themselves as living on the 9th floor of a building in that neighborhood, and I couldn’t remember any building that height in the old neighborhood.

Eat globally, locally; how many country’s foods can be eaten in Chicagoland ?

Ah, the times we live in. I was having discussion with friends about food and it turned to the question about how many countries are represented locally in Chicago by restaurants. There was a time in the not so distant

Filling in empty values in a time series in Python

I track my bike rides, runs and walks in an Android app called KeepTrack. It’s a great app for doing so, but I wanted to look at a cumulative mileage graph for my bike riding and the free app didn’t

A data scientist’s toolkit

I’ve had my current laptop for a while, so I sometimes take for granted (or forget) all the tools I have available locally. I recently went through the drill of cataloging what I have installed and will need to reinstall