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Pulling recently added and changed vendors from MIP via SQL

Depending on your integration and reporting needs, you may find yourself needing to pull a list of recently maintained vendors from Abila MIP.  Specifically, this is not the case where you want a full export of vendors, but rather just

Creating Offsets in Abila MIP via API

As we created invoices via API in Abila MIP, we wanted to create an offset as well. This kind of functionality is very clear when using the MIP UI;  it is just a button that you hit to create offsets

Concur API Authorization using Python

In order to make calls to the the Concur API, you must first make a call to the Authorization API to receive a secure token that will be used each time  you make a call to the Concur API. The

Integrating Concur Invoice and Abila MIP

This is the first in a series of posts highlighting technical points encountered when integrating the Concur Invoice system with Abila MIP. These integrations were done using the APIs for both Concur and MIP, so many of the points would

Convert a FileMaker database to MySQL without a Mac

A friend of mine studies Chinese medicine and had painstakingly entered a decent amount of data into a FileMaker database on his Mac. He wanted some help deploying to a Web based interface and I agreed to help on the

@QuotesonData Twitter Account

I had the need to develop a small system to automatically post Tweets from a database of content. To illustrate such a system , I have begun a Twitter account named @QuotesonData which tweets well known and some lesser known quotes on