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All the golf courses within a given drive time

I have done a fair amount of road trip related projects, including routing baseball trips as well as golf trips . The golf trip tool linked here is a sort of ambitious traveling tool, picking top golf courses and building an

A golf road trip visiting a top course in each state

Or how to hit 48 top public golf courses in 48 states in 14,003 miles. My recently released tool Golf Trip Router allows you to build a (near)  optimal route between top public courses in the U.S. for your golfing road

Introducing Golf Trip Router – A Routing Tool to Plan Your Golf Road Trip

Golf Trip Router at will help you plan the route if you want to take a road trip to some of the best public courses in the country.  It’s still needs to be polished and there is some additional functionality

Calculating golf pairings for a golf weekend

In this previous post, I had given results on how to construct golf foursomes so that 8 people could play 7 rounds in a balanced way (each player played with every other player exactly 3 times). This post is an

Golf Pairings for a Golf Weekend

A friend of mine was going on a long golf weekend and ran into what I thought was an interesting scheduling problem. With 8 people (2 foursomes) playing 7 rounds, how can we construct the foursomes over the weekend so