Driving distances between all MLB ballparks

In other posts, I had need to determine driving distances between major league baseball ballparks. The link below contains a CSV file containing a distance matrix for such distances.

Below is a snippet of the file. There is one line for for each pairing of a to/from combination of stadiums. The file represents a symmetrical matrix, so for instance there is a line for Wrigley Field —> Miller Park as well as a line for Miller Park —> Wrigley Field. These two lines will have the same driving distance.  There are no lines in the file representing the distance from a stadium to itself (it will always be 0), so as there are 30 teams overall there are 870 lines in the file.

Driving distances were computed using the Mapquest driving distance API. Distances are in miles.

1,2,’Angels Stadium of Anaheim’,’Chase Field’,357
1,3,’Angels Stadium of Anaheim’,’SunTrust Park’,2173
1,4,’Angels Stadium of Anaheim’,’Oriole Park at Camden Yards’,2642
1,5,’Angels Stadium of Anaheim’,’Fenway Park’,2987


Here is the entire file:

Distance Matrix on Bitbucket