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All the golf courses within a given drive time

I have done a fair amount of road trip related projects, including routing baseball trips as well as golf trips . The golf trip tool linked here is a sort of ambitious traveling tool, picking top golf courses and building an

Using pgRouting to produce a tour of all MLB stadiums

The Traveling Salesperson Problem (TSP) is a well known problem with many applications. One such application could be visiting all the baseball stadiums in Major League Baseball. These type of trips (or subsets of it) are the passion of many

Driving distances between all MLB ballparks

In other posts, I had need to determine driving distances between major league baseball ballparks. The link below contains a CSV file containing a distance matrix for such distances. Below is a snippet of the file. There is one line for

Eat Globally, Locally in Chicago – Revisited

A while back, I had undertaken a little project to determine how many country’s restaurants were represented in the Chicagoland area. This was one of the earliest projects I used that leveraged location and GIS information, and I thought I would revisit it

Using a Space Filling Curve to Visit Every County in a State

In a previous post, we discussed the problem of determining an efficient route to visit every county. Part of that post explicated the difficulty of even defining the problem. In this post, let’s take a look at using space filling

Determining the closest city that you’ve never heard of

I’ve spent the majority of my life in the Chicagoland area. So it came as somewhat of a surprise to me when I recently ran across the name of a city that was less than 30 miles away that I had

A TSP Variant – An efficient route for visiting all counties in a state ?

i was reading a bicycle tourist’s idea of visiting every county in his home state. He had diligently chipped away at the goal for a number of years, visiting a few at a time. The question occurred to me as

Mapping the Mathematical Streets of Paris

I recently came across a reference that stated over 100 streets in Paris are named after mathematicians. Having never heard that before, I decided to investigate and see what that looked like. The following site had tallied 91 streets that

A GIS Buffer for the 606 Trail

In a previous post, I examined creating a bounding box for the 606 trail to enable analysis of surrounding crime.  While this is straight forward and a convenient heuristic to explain what we were doing, notice that it’s not fully

Naturally occurring GIS – An Oil Stain of Michigan in Algoma, WI

Inspired by this New Jersey shaped sidewalk crack, I found the following oil stain on a street in Algoma, WI. Its not a perfect match (the ”thumb” portion is a bit off) , but awfully close to the shape of