Category: R programming

Using R and ggplot to compare months across different years

Previously, I had used R to plot daily totals for a years worth of my walking and cycling activity. As I accumulated a second year of data, I wanted to see a month-to-month comparison of the 2 years. Once the

Filling in empty values in a time series in R

In this previous post, I had shown how to use Python to fill in zeroes in a time series. I thought I’d use this post to show how to do the same in R. By way of review, I track

Chicago’s tallest buildings by ward

I grew up in a residential neighborhood in Chicago. I recently heard someone referring to themselves as living on the 9th floor of a building in that neighborhood, and I couldn’t remember any building that height in the old neighborhood.

Eat globally, locally; how many country’s foods can be eaten in Chicagoland ?

Ah, the times we live in. I was having discussion with friends about food and it turned to the question about how many countries are represented locally in Chicago by restaurants. There was a time in the not so distant

Working out an example of a Bayesian weighted bootstrap problem

From time to time I like to go back and work a problem or example on a topic to refresh my memory, clarify the concept for myself and hopefully learn some new implementation techniques. The following example comes from the

Calculating golf pairings for a golf weekend

In this previous post, I had given results on how to construct golf foursomes so that 8 people could play 7 rounds in a balanced way (each player played with every other player exactly 3 times). This post is an

Golf Pairings for a Golf Weekend

A friend of mine was going on a long golf weekend and ran into what I thought was an interesting scheduling problem. With 8 people (2 foursomes) playing 7 rounds, how can we construct the foursomes over the weekend so